Hafnium Labs

Hafnium Labs develops simulation software to bring state-of-the-art research in thermodynamics, physical properties and computational methods to industrial application

We are currently developing our first two products: Q-props and Epsilon

Q-props: Physical property prediction

With Q-props we want to deliver the world’s most accurate predictions of physical properties for pure components and mixtures.

Q-props aims for chemical accuracy (<1 kcal/mol) and always returns a prediction-specific uncertainty, so you know how reliable each prediction is.

Q-props combines the latest advances in quantum chemistry, AI, and cloud computing to achieve its accuracy. Read more

Epsilon: Electrolyte process simulation

With Epsilon we aim to develop the world's best thermodynamic model for electrolytes that delivers reliable predictions for all your simulation needs.

Epsilon is predictive at its core, delivering good results without requiring new experimental data and is applicable to all solvents, ions, T, P, phases etc.

Epsilon will integrate fully with leading process simulators and is backward compatible with known models such as SRK, PR and CPA. Read more