Hafnium labs

Hafnium Labs provides specialist consultancy services and develops high quality software for prediction of physical properties.


The mission is to bridge the technology and knowledge gap between industry and academia within the fields of chemical and biochemical engineering through consultancy services and development of high quality software and web apps related to thermodynamics and physical properties.


Hafnium Labs was founded on the belief that research results should be easily accessible to inspire new research and new partnerships between academia and industry. Research does not belong in drawers and old theses, but should be made publicly available and accessible.


Hafnium Labs wants to support researchers in making a larger impact and reaching a larger audience by developing interactive web apps to present and promote their research.

The goal is to ease evaluation and adoption of new research and technology for industrial partners, and through a close collaboration help industry partners improve their processes to meet new demands for environmental impact and energy consumption arising from clients and authorities.


Through an in-depth knowledge of thermodynamics, association models and electrolyte chemistry, Hafnium Labs develops new predictive models for physical properties and phase equilibrium of complex molecules and mixtures.

Hafnium Labs develops robust numerical algorithms for e.g. solution of combined chemical and physical equilibrium, columns, and reactors and performs integration of these models in process simulators (e.g. through CAPE-OPEN, or directly in Aspen Plus, gPROMS, or UniSim Design).